Introductions and Connections

Most business executives fail to take the time to meet other business executives beyond those with whom they are already connected.  Yet, new connections can play an invaluable roll in learning, in securing new business, and discovering a wealth of potential business opportunities.  Consider your “circle of contacts.”  You will realize, like so many business leaders, those with whom you have current, on-going contact, are those with whom you are comfortable and with whom you have likely been associated for considerable time.    Our expectation at MorrieCONNECT is to guide you beyond your immediate sphere of business friends and associates, sharing a vast world of new professionals who not only you will care to meet but who will, for the same reasons, wish to connect with you.   We guaranty you will discover your investment of time in our unique process stimulating, easy and even fun.  Your business circle will inevitably expand. You will be learning from your new connections.  They, too, will feel better for having connected with you.  Many of these new associations will continue to grow.  Short, sweet and simply put …. We help you make invaluable business introductions and connections through which new business associations will result and new opportunities discovered.    

HOW WE DO IT …  Over the past 12 years, we have developed what some have called a “magic formula.” We have successfully perfected our unique process of making desired and meaningful introductions.    We begin initially by having a “get acquainted” visit where we learn about your business and  explore what potential new business relationships might hold some interest for you. Perhaps, for example, you might find interest in meeting the President of a particular bank or, you may have always wanted to be introduced to the President of one of our local universities.  Our growing network of 9200+ successful business professionals, Owners, Presidents and industry leaders is vast and comprehensive.  While we may not have the immediate connection to a specific individual, we know who will and who will want to “pay it forward.”  We anticipate earning  your willingness and enthusiasm to do the same.  We will happily provide you with meaningful examples of how this works and specifically how it can work for you.

Get the MorrieCONNECT advantage.  MORRIE ELSTIEN …. Connecting human and business capital.

Coaching and Mentoring

We have learned that even the savviest sales pro can use some guidance every once in a while.  Our best clients embrace our “hand-holding” as they venture into these new waters.  While the majority of our introductions result in positive feelings and appreciation, it can be difficult, even elusive, to uncover the specific ways our clients can turn their connection into a logical business opportunity.  We help identify these reasonable opportunities and guide and counsel our client on what might be an effective approach to secure positive outcomes.   

Get the MorrieCONNECT advantage.  MORRIE ELSTIEN …. Connecting human and business capital.

Seminars & Symposiums

More recently, at the request of a growing number of our clients, we have developed and can provide business seminars to their ‘C’ level management teams which are oriented to managing connections in their specific business.  We only provide these programs, however, exclusively as an extension of our work with current Owner/President Clients.  Our leadership and teaching forums, bring business leaders together, guiding the participants in the use of introductions and how connections are effectively used to advance business.

Get the MorrieCONNECT advantage.  MORRIE ELSTIEN …. Connecting human and business capital